Capture All Rememberable Moments With Sony Ericsson Camera Phones

The mobile phone arena is full with plenty of digital camera phones. All such handsets are packed with mind-blowing set of applications which can really amaze the users. Sony Ericsson is well known for its advanced hi-tech smartphones. Moreover, this brand remains in gossips for designing exclusive range of gorgeous looking Sony Ericsson camera phones. All these gadgets are fitted with a high quality camera which can really thrill the users mind with excitement. Here the features of some beautiful looking camera phones are discussed in details.

The Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou) is a touchscreen phone which is loaded with stunning features. This high quality camera phone is quite similar to the digital camera. In other words its a perfect substitute of digital cameras. This smartphone has integrated 12 mega pixel camera which allows users to capture images as well as record videos. It comes with features like autofocus, xenon flash, geo-tagging, picture album, slide show and many more. In this, one can record videos and play those clippings through video player. The smile and face detection feature ensures user for better quality pictures. Apart from all, this handset supports 3G technologies. So, an individual can transfer lots of video footages or pictures from this gizmo to any other compatible devices without any hassle.

The Sony Ericsson Aino is a slider opening mechanism smartphone. It has built-in 8.1 mega pixel camera with sixteen times digital zoom. Moreover, it includes many camera features like auto-focus, touch focus, LED flash, geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilizer, smart contrast, red-eye reduction etc. It comes with intereting picture blogging feature. With this feature, the mobile user can share the video clipping as well as pictures with others by directly posting them on various social blogging websites. This mobile phone comes with massive storage capacity. It includes internal memory of 55 megabytes and external memory of 8 gigabytes which is further expandable up to 32 gigabytes through M2 (transflash). So the user can store as many videos and pictures as possible.

The Sony Ericsson W995 is a 113 grams mobile phone which is packed with sophisticated features. This handset has integrated 8.1 megapixel camera with sixteen times digital zoom, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilizer etc. With its picture blogging feature, user can directly share pictures and video footages among friends by simply uploading them on various blogging websites. Since this smartphone comes with Bluetooth and USB. So, one can transfer videos from the W995 to any other compatible device. Moreover it includes extensive memory which can be expanded through memory card. The user is free to store as many videos as possibleAll these smartphones include almost similar set of multimedia features. Apart from all, these devices support third generation technologies which provide better connectivity. These Sony Ericsson camera phones are glamorous looking mobile phones. In fact, these have the enough potential which can create turmoil among the young generation.

Do You Blog With Portable Devices Or Desktop?

A Little Bit of History

A lot of times, people find it difficult to decide between a laptop and a desktop. If you rewind to 10 years or 20 years ago, there was a huge difference on the price between a laptop and a desktop. In addition, the specifications for a laptop were much lower than a desktop even though the price was higher.

Technology has improved tremendously. Laptops are cheaper but with higher specifications, portability and more functionality. Getting a laptop with the specifications to play games is common where else in the past, laptops can only be used for document processing.

Desktop or portable device?

I mention portable device here because once a while, I blogged using Nokia E61 before it went sick. Portable devices for blogging are not restricted to laptops only because a lot of PDAs and mobile phones are built-in with QWERTY keyboards. Personally, I like to blog using laptops.


Desktop is easier to repair and it is considered to be an all in one entertainment system nowadays because you can play games, do your work, browse online, listen to music, watch movies and etc. You can have the widest screen that you ever wanted or hook it up to your television for better resolutions.

It is ideal for blogging because you can view almost anything on the screen and navigation within operating system is normally smoother. Blogging does not use much of the system resources but if you require the system to response faster, upgrades are also available and you can do them yourself too.

However, you are not able to take it anywhere you go because it is not designed to be portable but performance.


I have been looking for a laptop myself and yet to decide on the brand or model. Asus EEE is attractive because of its portability but the hard disk space is limited to a maximum of 8GB because of the SSD technology. In addition, a 7″ screen is quite small. However, it is ideal for blogging because it is small and lightweight.

Carrying a laptop around is excellent because you can blog almost anywhere you want. Most of the laptops specifications include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Thus, there is always a way to connect to the internet.

The battery life seems to a problem for laptops and it is always wise to purchase an extra battery to increase the usage time.

PDAs and Mobile Phones

These devices’ battery life lasts longer than laptops. Typing maybe difficult but you do not have to wait for it to reboot or the loading of operating system. Just press unlock and run the word document and you can start typing. Copy and paste is the same as you would do with computer.

They do not take much space even though they are considered to be huge if compared to normal mobile phones but they are very much smaller compared to laptops.


I have all three tools; a desktop, a laptop and a mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard. 90% of my blog posts come from the desktop while another 10% comes from Mee’s laptop and Nokia E61.

However, Mee’s laptop’s battery is damaged and it needs to be connected to the power source while Nokia E61 is sick. Thus, I am depending on my desktop at the moment.

Sony Ericsson K770i – A Cybershot Mobile Phone

The camera

The Sony Ericsson K770i has an intuitive camera interface and the illuminated icons guide the user to capture great pictures. The Cyber-shot TM has soft curved edges and is smooth all around with an integrated active lens cover. The built-in digital camera has screen viewfinder and dedicated menus with interactive features for in-phone imaging and messaging functions with for high quality of visual communication.

Messaging and blogging

The pictures taken with Sony Ericsson K770i mobile camera can be sent to image blog straight so that others can see them instantly. The collection ultimately becomes an archive of great images. The blog is an easy way to share pictures with others by just taking the picture, adding some text and publishing it as a blog for family and friends to view them.

Photos and images

The auto focus facility in Sony Ericsson K770i brings the subject to the center of the screen to get exactly what is desired in the picture. The Photo-fix makes changes to the picture in a one click operation to adjust brightness, contrast and light to obtain the best possible photos. The PicBridge software takes care of printing the photos shot without the use of a computer or editing software, by just connecting the phone to a printer.

Video clips and video calling

Video clips of unexpected actions and great moments can be exciting and are worth capturing with your mobile camera. Video call enables the user and the person at the other end to watch each other on a video stream. The mobile phone lets you browse the internet and manage emails with easy and quick access to broadband internet. The 3G technology in Sony Ericsson K770i enables the user to enjoy video calling, multimedia messaging and internet surfing and audio and video streaming even while on the go. TrackIDTM lets the user record music and the Gracenote Mobile Music ID sends the name of the track, artist’s name and details to the mobile phone within seconds to organize the music. The Media Player supports many file formats and let the user enjoy the recorded music and videos. The Media Manger CD comes in the kit that helps in transferring photos, music or video clips to other devices from the mobile phone.

6 Smart Phone Tips to Enhance Your Business

If you are one of those busy executives that find juggling work and life difficult, a smart phone can come to your rescue. It is one of the blessed gadgets ever invented for business professionals who find 24 hours too short for an entire day. Hence, many of them prefer using their idle time to catch up with their pending work while they travel to work and back, or even socialize a bit in the middle of a busy day to catch up with their personal life. Therefore, a smart phone is not just a companion for many, but a virtual life-support they cannot live without. Let`s take a look how a smart phone can help you manage different things simultaneously.

Email sending – In fast paced life we live today, communication means everything. But, when it comes to business communication, a smart phone does more than just good to many business professionals. Most smart phones are equipped with `Push Email` feature that makes emailing a breeze and therefore, helps people communicate much more frequently with their superiors, subordinates, bosses and clients alike. Hence, this popular gadget has improved the efficiency of many professionals who are pitted against the hectic earlier, offering cellular communication a whole new meaning.

Office on the go – Thanks to the smart phone device, millions of executives around the world can now prepare their power-point presentation while traveling to work. With innovating mobile office features, catching up with their spreadsheet, and preparing other documents on the go, is a reality now.

Video calling – Some smart phones are fully 3G enabled, which means they have a front camera to facilitate video calling. This feature is very useful for those who need to hold important meetings with their clients or customers but cannot do the same physically. Video calling helps business professionals save critical time for executing important assignments.

Blogging – Smart phones have qwerty keypad facility which is highly ergonomic and much better than most keypads of traditional cell phones. Apart form sending quick text messages, they help you blog and tweet at your whims and fancy. This is a great advantage for many busy professionals who do not find time for updating their blogs on a regular basis. With the smart phones enabling you to take pictures, emailing and uploading them to your blog posts, online bogging has now got a new definition.

Social Networking – This is probably one of the smartest things that smart phones have done to the corporate world. Today`s businesses have a high degree of dependence on online social networking. With smart phones, business executives can now connect to their contacts via social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Being in touch with people within your network and expanding business contacts with people holds the key to a successful business expansion. With this new gadget, online social networking has become far too easy for anyone.

Picturing capturing – No! We are not talking about taking pictures of your family, friends or colleagues at a weekend cocktail party. The all new smart phones help you take pictures and use them for much better purposes than ever before. Assuming that you are a bibliophile and have an account online public library, you can whip out your smart phone and take a picture of the cover and then log in your online public library website and search for the same book to read.

There are more to making calls when it comes to the widespread applications of smart phones. It is no wonder why so many business people now carry one of these smart cellular phones and consider them as one of the must have business tools.

A Slim Cybershot Camera Mobile Phones by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson introduced a new phone in the market hoping to emulate the success the success of its walkman series. This new Sony Ericsson mobile phone is more digital stills camera with a powerful 3G phone attached. The Japanese-Swedish axis plans to take its camera phones to new levels of authenticity. It is for the first time that the handset will sport the Cyber-shot brand name from Sony’s famous standalone digital camera series. They enlisted the help of scientist at Sony Imaging to develop such a phone series.


The main crux of the phone is the 3.2 mega pixel digital camera on its rear. It is very closer to the features and functionality of a digital still camera. It comes with auto focus, built-in Xenon flash, image stabilizing technology and a splendid new shooting mode called BestPic. There is bulky lens cover that covers the camera. It has a 2-inch landscape screen to click photos as in a camera rather than the somewhat traditional upright way found on most mobile phone handsets. It also has the auto red eye reduction. In spite of the camera and 3G technology the phone is not as bulky nor is the phone big sized.


Another interesting feature is the ‘blog’ option. This Option allows to “Blog” the image direct from the camera using 3G connection. The image can be titled and send to a blog site with out the use of a computer.


The sleek phone is quite stunning. It has rubberized textured keypad which makes for simple operation. The 2″QVGA display screen is brilliant . The quality of the image viewed is quite sharp. Video can also be streamed effortlessly. This Sony Ericsson Mobile phone has 64MB of internal memory and it can be expanded further with a Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot.


The Sony Ericsson mobile Phone also has an inbuilt mp3 player and a FM radio. It also has a 3D-gaming support to complement the entertainment suite.

The Sony Ericsson Mobile phone is a triband phone and it also has a blue tooth option. It also has all the regular features of the mobile phone. But it is the Camera which dominates the whole device.

How You Can Optimize Your Blog for Mobile Users

With so many smart phone users, it is estimated that over half of the population of earth has one, it is important that your content can be easily accessed and read. You can likely expect that the majority of your readers are accessing your blog through their mobile device. What you may have just come to realize, is that if your blog is not designed to be mobile friendly, it is probably inaccessible for smart phone users. In addition to your blog being hard to interact with, a site that is not designed for mobile use also makes it appear out of date. To help remedy this, I have listed some ways in which you can optimize your blog for mobile users.

The first thing that you should do is streamline your site. If your site includes a lot of video or large images, it will take a long time to load. This means that you will likely lose the interest of your reader and they will move on to another website. To keep this from happening you should take a close look at your existing website and remove any Flash or Java content. This type of content is not supported by iPhones, which is the top smart phone in use today. You should also downsize any large image files and graphics that you may have in your content. This will help speed up the load time of your blog and keep the interest of your readers.

When people did most of their online browsing using a desktop, it was perfectly acceptable to have a lot of pages on your site. However, with smart phones it is recommended that you create a one-page website. This will allow readers to scroll through your website and locate the information they were looking for. It is not impossible to include additional pages with a mobile design, just make sure that you make easy to locate and click on.

Another key element to a successful mobile blog is making it responsive. In this type of design, your website will automatically respond to the type of device that is accessing it. When a mobile device is used, it will automatically shrink the content down to fit the size of the screen. The process works the same if the user is visiting your blog on a tablet or laptop. In either case, the content will be accessible and easy to follow. Depending on where your blog is hosted, the process of switching over to a responsive design can be relatively easy.

Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

Who Offers the Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plan Online?

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are looking for the best unlimited cell phone plan. Everyone goes online to find their mobile phone deals these days and all the big companies know this. They do their own advertising on their corporate websites, but allow their affiliate network to do the lion’s share of advertising for them. You need to keep this in mind, because many of the “independent” blogs you read are written by affiliates, and sometimes their real agenda is to push the best unlimited cell phone plan for their profits, not your savings.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing in general. Becoming an affiliate is a great way for the “little guys” to get a piece of the huge Wireless industry pie. It’s also true that many affiliate marketers pick the company they team up with because they use their service themselves and believe in it. Others, however, are very good at spinning a line in their blog. How do you tell what is the best unlimited cell phone plan blog or review?

First of all, you need to take everything you read online with a grain of salt. If you read a blog that expresses outrage at the cost of one plan and then tells you that only another provider puts customer service and value ahead of profits, it should be obvious which company is paying them a commission.

Of course, all companies are looking to make a profit, but also, all of them realize that offering the best unlimited cell phone plan is also the best way to build up and sustain customer loyalty. Similarly, good affiliate marketers know that they will get more traffic and hence sales if they have a factual blog that is designed to educate readers about the best unlimited cell phone plan than if they just blow a bunch of smoke in readers’ eyes.

So look for content that spells out the facts. Check other sources to see if the blogger is telling the truth. Read his content fully. Does he sound informed or does he just fill up space with words? Does he write different content regularly or do all his blogs sound the same? If he is writing original articles regularly, that means he is always doing his homework and staying up to date with the best unlimited cell phone plan.

If you want to find the best unlimited cell phone plan, you are going to have to become an expert yourself. By all means, listen to the advice of the bloggers, but also double check their facts. Then and only then will you be able to make an informed decision about the best unlimited cell phone plan for your needs.

How To Optimize Your Phone

Whether you’re handing the first smartphone release of Nokia, the iPhone, or the latest Xperia handset of Sony Ericson today, there’s no way to protest that given the right information on how to optimize your phone, you can always extend the capability of your phone at its best.

A phone is said to be optimized if you make the best use of it; its resources, the cross-platform environment, the connectivity, and the built-in technology and function that comes with it. This article walks you through the key points on how to optimize your phone, as following:

Get to know about your phone

You can never extend the capabilities of your phone unless otherwise you’re familiar with its software built. Get to know about your phone’s operating system, its hardwares, the memory, the speed, the processor, among others. The more informed are you about your phone, the more specific are you when looking for mobile applications in the net. So in an attempt to make the best use of your phone by installing the best mobile applications of your choice, instead of searching for “mobile mouse for N73”, do it with this string: “mobile mouse for s60v3”. Searching with the latter search string gives you the information twice as that of searching with the former search keyword.

Join online communities

Not only will you get informed about the latest games and applications for your phone but online mobile phone discussions could also give you troubleshooting tips and how-tos for your phone. A good phone discussion board also walks you through the latest craze in mobile computing. Thus, you’ll always be in the forefront to the latest mobile applications, and thus, making the best use of your phone.

Subscribe to phone blogs

Mobile phone blogs are another good resources for you to get mobile tips and information on how to optimize your phone. If you want to get the latest buzz in mobile development, be it about ROM-patching and modifying your phone’s own firmware, subscribing to phone blogs takes you in the lead.

Make use of the coolest mobile application

What makes every smartphone smart is the mobile applications developed out of smart and creative ideas of users worldwide. Take your phone to the next level by installing must-have applications for your iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, among others. There’s a wide range of applications developed for your mobile today, ranging from a simple business app that lets you control and manage your daily expenditures down to a more sophisticated utility app that turn your phone into a remote control or into a computer mouse.

Your phone is not just a phone. And that can only be best realized if you make the best use of it by: getting to know your phone, joining in mobile phone discussions, subscribing to mobile blogs and installing must-have productivity and utility app for your phone.

Mobile Blog Money Review – Legit?

You must read my Mobile Blog Money review before you take the plunge and buy this brand-new software. This ClickBank item was created by a truly talented new comer to the Online marketing field named Chris Waldron. His creation is a training software that teaches you how to generate revenue with your webblog using your cell phone. Given the fact that there are billions of cell phones in use today, discovering a way to effectively market to them, could well prove to be very profitable.

The fee for MBM is a nominal $ 47. For that you will get the software and training package as well as accessibility to the Mobile Blog Money support staff should you have any questions about executing the program. It additionally comes with a cash guarantee and you get to keep the software.

The MBM software is broken down into four sections:

Function #1– The Builder. This is the core brain of the technology. Mr. Waldron expresses that this section teaches you how to make profit centers in any specific niche.

Function #2– The Buyer Sniper. Illustrate how to target persons that genuinely buy products in a given niche.

Function #3– New Internet Automator. Have success promptly and simply repeat the process.

Function #4– New Competition Manifesto. demonstrates how competition will literally increase your success.

The thought behind Mobile Blog Money is to merge the power of blogging and cell phones marketing. With this software you are said to be able to build webblogs and sales pages that are enhanced for cell phone users. you’ll get templates for constructing these cell phone friendly pages. Just after which time you can efficiently market to you niche.

To market to your niche you initially have to construct a list of likely customers. This is accomplished by gathering cell phone numbers of your web site visitors with an opt-in form on your webblog. An additional method of compiling cell phone numbers is by running cell phone advertisements similar to AdWords with Google. The really good news is that these ads only cost pennies per click instead of dollars per click.

After carrying out this review of Mobile Blog Money I certainly feel this is actually a legitimate software training program. I discovered the sales video was a bit over the top with hyperbole, something which we have all have grown accustom to as of late. From a sales standpoint however, it’s very well done. I wouldn’t expect that a 47-dollar product to make you mega rich, but it does look like a good item to have in your online marketing arsenal.

Evan DuChene is not an online Guru. He is a normal guy very much like yourself that has discovered a way to make a great living from home. He is a member of the internet’s largest training, mentoring and marketing program. His main purpose, as he sees it, is to help others create financial freedom by mastering the art of online marketing.

Upgrade Mobile Phones and Retain Your Old Number With a New Handset

These days, mobile phones have become an important part of our day to day life. On one hand, these are the devices through which you can get connected with your loved ones from anywhere. In addition to this, these are also the multi-functional gadgets which allow you to perform multiple tasks. These tasks may include photography, entertainment etc.

Mobile phone users in UK know that most of these handsets come with a some deals as well as plans. The most popular deals among the users are contract deals, under which you have to sign a contract of 12 to 18 months. In lieu of that agreement you get the usage. After completion of the contract you can either upgrade mobile phones by renewing the contract or can buy the new deal. In many cases upgrading phone deals prove to be much beneficial as compared to the purchase of new contract. If you want another contract of 12-18 months and wish to retain your present mobile phone number simultaneously then this upgrade proves to be best for you. Apart from it, a new handset is provided to the users with more high-end features which you can keep till the time period of your renewed contract. You also get a plenty of other offers like various discounts, gifts etc., with the renewal of contract.

There are plenty of ways through which you can upgrade phones. Online method is most prevalent now a days. There are a plenty of websites from where you can get these phones upgrade. You just have to visit these sites and you can apply for the phones upgrade. These sites include affiliate websites, retailers sites etc. Many of these sites also come with comparison feature. This feature allows you to compare different deals at a single place. It is very helpful for you to take the decision whether upgrade is beneficial for you or you should opt for a new contract. On the other hand, these sites also have the facility to add reviews, blogs etc. With the help of these, you can get unbiased information about the deals and the upgrades of mobile phones and you can take the fair decision about which option is best suitable for you. You also can add your experiences by adding your own blogs and reviews. Besides, many external websites also help you a lot in this regard. Many of the sites contain articles and blogs to give you detailed information.

Besides online methods, sources of print media also help you to get the information about the upgrade. Time to time, several ads as well as reports are published in the daily newspapers which help the users in getting the information about the prices etc. Some magazines are also published in UK, through which you can get the aforesaid information. Moreover, you can read the brochures of the handset brands also to avail the latest information. Customer care executives of your service providers can also be contacted in this regard.

There is no doubt in the fact that upgrading mobile phones is one of the beneficial ideas for the handset users. If this idea suits to your requirement then you can also opt for it and can get connected with your near and dear ones by retaining your old number but with a new handset.